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About us

T.R.E. supplies more than art. We share an open perspective on life. We learned that we’re in control by expanding our senses by perceiving all that is, both around us and within us. 


We do what we do to highlight the infinite potential energy accessible to all. So all that is left is for YOU to exert it. Express the real you and lead the life you desire, not one imposed on you by others. We encourage showcasing the unique beauty and creativity held within every one of us. We show people their potential by inspiring them to expand their minds, and through leading by example, we embody our real selves and nothing else. We express our ideas and flesh out our creativity through various artistic mediums that bring us joy and fulfillment. We create. No limits. No compromise.


To do so, we must realize both sides of the spectrum. All the energy we absorb through life experiences shapes our perspective on it. They impact our lives either positively or negatively. And it may seem like you don’t have the power to change your life for the better, that you are only a victim of circumstance, but that is not true. Ultimately, we all have the power to let go of the negative belief systems the world has instilled in us. We all have the choice to shape our life the way we desire.


Connect with your highest self by dissolving the borders between you and the world. And there’s a certain power one gains by letting go, surrendering to the flow of nature, and just being who you are. No social constructs, no judgment. Just authenticity, abundance, and the goal of widening one’s perspective. So join us in expanding on life and learning together.


Lastly, whenever “we” is said, that is to include you. WE openly express our minds. WE demonstrate creativity. WE manifest a bright future, and together, WE SEE THE POTENTIAL.